If you don’t have enough time or decorations to deck all the halls in your home, your sunroom is a perfect place to start. It’s already the best place in the house to sit with a cup of cocoa and watch the snow fall, and it’s versatile enough for a creative theme or a low maintenance touch of the holidays. Here are some of our favorite ideas for festive sunrooms:

A String of Lights

Stringing Christmas lights through the sunroom is a simple, but festive way to decorate the room. Even if Christmas lights are all you use to decorate your sunroom this year, it will still have retain its holiday cheer. With a bit of electrical tape, you can use the corners of the wall as your guide, or wrap lights around a strand of tinsel and let that hang from the doors of the sunroom. Candles are another way to add cozy warmth to the room.

Use the Windows

The best thing about the sunroom is the view, and it can be your best resource when decorating for the holidays. Central Texas may not be known for snow in the winter, but you can help add a holiday touch to your view by hanging wreaths, tinsel, or find a snowy decal to stick onto the windows during the holiday season. Create your own winter wonderland views, and let the real view of your outdoor area add a more authentic backdrop.

O Christmas Tree

If you’re having trouble deciding where to put the Christmas tree this year, your sunroom could be the perfect place for it. It offers the space and light to showcase the tree and the perfect function for gathering the whole family in the room. You can all pile into the sunroom to decorate the tree after Thanksgiving and then, on Christmas morning, sit around the sunroom and pass out presents.

Movie Marathon

Or your sunroom can house another time-honored holiday tradition. After Thanksgiving, many families go on a binge of their favorite holiday movies and that binge keeps going sometimes until the end of the year. If your sunroom has the outlet to support a TV, consider moving a TV and your favorite Christmas movies into the sunroom. This is a great idea if you tend to host parties during the holidays. Every holiday party needs a room where the best movies are playing. This can be yours.

For the Kids

Having extended family over for the holidays can be wonderful if a bit chaotic. This is especially true if your extended family brings their children. Kids are a joy, but sometimes the adults want to have a chance to talk to each other. If your sunroom isn’t a playroom already, you can easily convert it into a playroom where the kids can hang out while the adults gather in the living room. That way the grown-ups can keep an eye on them while still enjoying their own space.


As friends and family start to gather for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you may find yourself in need of more space. A sunroom or enclosed porch has the potential to be the perfect space for all of your holiday traditions. The question is–have you had yours installed yet? If you’re in central Texas, call Sunspace Texas at 888-271-5810 or fill out their free estimate form for an affordable quality sunroom installation.