Care & Cleaning of Vinyl Windows

WeatherMaster vinyl products should be cleaned at least every six months. To maintain the vinyl and prolong its life, the use of Sunspace Vinyl cleaner is recommended. The use of other products containing abrasives, ammonia, or other chemicals can damage vinyl and WILL void the warranty.


Weather Master Cleaning Brochure

Operation and care for Horizontal Sliding units

  1. In order to meet warranty requirements, the main frame tracks should be regularly cleaned of debris, loose dirt, and dust.
  2. Vents can be removed for easy cleaning

a. Grasp vent on both sides and lift up.

b. Move the vent bottom towards you to clear the bottom track

c. Move the vent downward to release it from the track

3. To replace vent, simply reverse this procedure



Operation and care for Vertical 2, 3 & 4 Track units

  1. Vents can be removed for easy cleaning:

a. Raise or lower vent to release interlock from adjoining vent.

b. Grasp the top of the vent with the right hand

c. With both hands, slide the vent to the left.

d. With the right hand, swing the vent out from the right side of the window frame

2. To replace vents, simply reverse the procedure.

3. Do NOT use the center bar to raise or lower the vent