Porch Conversions & Walls Under Porch

Expand the functionality of your under wall, porch or existing structures quickly and easily

Sunspace under wall and porch conversion systems are custom made and delivered assembled to fit. They come with your choice of Weathermaster™, Weathermaster Plus™ or full glass window systems that combine state of the art design and style.  The custom fitted panels make the Sunspace conversion system easy to install while reducing the need for special contractors for installation.

  • Transform your porch, under porch, or deck
  • Create a stylish, flexible and functional living space
  • Design that offer transformable shelter options
  • No additional charge customization
  • Custom fabricated fit makes installation easy

Sunspace provides finished wall sections including Weathermaster™ windows to Sunspace of Texas, a factory trained dealer. Our installers deliver a system that fits directly into the dimensions you or your home designer have specified.

Our system provides the benefits of a Porch Conversion, “walls under” an existing structure (or “walls under a fixed and structurally tied roof”) with all the Weathermaster™ windows options. The system offers the ability to include electrical outlets and switches, when combined with the savings of dealer installation this greatly reduces the need for additional framing and the cost of licensed contractors.

Where required by building code or for your own peace of mind Sunspace glass, topless glass or aluminum railing can be easily and seamlessly integrated into your completed Porch Enclosure.

Simplify the completion of your project, without the need for extra framing. Our walls under system offer factory installed internal wire chases in accordance with your state building code for outlets and switches making the cost for skilled contractor work for a fully wired addition minimal.

Included Design Options

Aluminum Color Options


Screening Options


Better Vue

Smaller holes for better insect protection Greater openness for natural light and breezes


18 14

Traditional screening, Good airflow and insect protection


No See Ums

Excellent bug protection Good ventilation Daytime privacy


Tuff Screen

Heavy Duty vinyl coated Durable resists damage from pets tears punctures Microban® antimicrobial


Solar Insect Screen

Blocks 65% of sun glare GREENGUARD Certified


Pool & Patio

Extra Strength Traditional Choice for Pool and Patio enclosures

WeatherMaster™ Viewflex Vinyl




Smoke Grey


Dark Grey



Walls Under Gallery

WeatherMaster™ Gallery