Your outdoor space is the place where you come to relax. With privacy screens and windbreaks, your oasis is your own private area, away from neighbors and passersby. Choose from many different materials and styles to customize your privacy. Our privacy walls and windbreaks do not darken, instead brighten areas and are maintenance free for years to come.

Privacy screens can be used for decks, patios, tubs and fencing. Remember that our privacy walls incorporate with many of our other products including Sunspace Patio Covers and Glass Railings where privacy is not a concern.

No more nosey neighbors, and no more worrying about being in the hot tub in your swimsuit. Privacy screens and windbreaks allow for more a more comfortable experience for entertaining and conversation. This is your sanctuary and you can do what you want knowing you, your family and guests are in a secure and private space.

Features & Benefits


The elements can wreak havoc on your yard and home. An outdoor privacy screen will protect your garden and backyard from the wind while also providing shade from the sun (depending on the positioning of the Privacy Screen/Windbreak and your home).


A well-kept privacy wall, instantly adds character to a home. Wooden fences need to be stained and painted, Sunspace products are maintenance free, adding a hint of style to your backyard. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, a privacy screen/windbreak, will improve the curb appeal of your home. You can also expect a 65% return on investment

Product Brochure

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While the elements can present a real issue, unwanted guests on your property are a much more serious problem. With a privacy screen/windbreak, your home is protected from unwanted guests entering your property without your permission. Our acrylic panels also block 100% of harmful UV rays.


As a homeowner, you already have plenty of chores and home improvement projects that need to be taken care of. An aluminum privacy screen/windbreak is maintenance free.


Do you have noisy neighbors? Is there constantly construction going on in your neighborhood? A privacy screen/windbreak can help that. It acts as a sound barrier, keeping unwanted noise out of your yard, ideal for when you are relaxing outside.

Sunspace Privacy Wall & Wind Break

Available Colors

Aluminum Colors






Acrylic Panels


Solar Cool


Heatstop Pearl