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Sunroom w/Acrylic Patio Cover

How a Sunroom Can Add Value To Your Home

There’s no question that adding a sunroom can add personal value to your home, in terms of aesthetic beauty and comfort for those who live in the household. But sunrooms can also add very real market value to your home. Whether you plan to sell in a few years or simply want to increase the…

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Why Choose Vinyl For Your Sunroom

When shopping for sunrooms, you’ll see a number of different options made with a number of different materials. Even at Sunspace Texas, we know that one sunroom does not fit all homes and we offer several different options. In addition to regular glass windows, you may see a few options, such as our Model 200…

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How to Make Use of Your Aluminium Deck This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here! Soon, the family will be arriving for the big Thanksgiving dinner and subsequent football game or Christmas movies. In the meantime, you’re probably planning the menu and getting the house ready for the mass of well-loved guests. It’s best to use all the help you can get, and that might include…

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Sunspace Texas - Acrylic Roof System

3 Benefits of an Acrylic Roof System

So you’ve decided to install a sunroom or patio for your home. While you might be focused on furnishing or the right windows, and these things are important, you should also consider what goes over your new space. At Sunspace Texas, we’re the only manufacturer who will install an acrylic roof system, whether as a…

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The Best Autumn Plants for Your Sunroom

Whatever your plans for your sunroom might be, many homeowners like to add plants to give the room a more natural, colorful look. Houseplants thrive in sunrooms, with ample light for them to blossom. However, it’s not always spring and summer. As the weather grows cool and the skies become cloudier, you may need to…

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3 Benefits of an All-Season Sunroom

  At Sunspace Texas, we offer a variety of different types of sunrooms for different homeowner’s needs. If you’re looking for a screen room or a way to enjoy the outdoor views even in the midst of adverse weather, we have sunrooms to accommodate that. If you want to extend the time to enjoy your…

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5 Porch Enclosure Trends

Porch enclosures offer almost unlimited potential to your home. They create another functional room to your home without having to actually construct a whole new room. They blend your outdoor and indoor space, and they help you to enjoy your porch all year round. In fact, there’s so much you can do with your porch…

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Things to Consider Before Installing Your Sunroom

  It’s not surprising that so many Texas homeowners take advantage of that Texas sun to have a sunroom installed in their home. They offer added beauty, function, and even energy efficiency. However, it’s no small home improvement project and it is one that you want to think about clearly before you call a contractor…

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There are plenty of benefits to having a sunroom all year round. The natural light has terrific health effects and helps to make your home more energy efficient. The versatility of sunrooms allows the homeowner to use them for whatever they’d like, from a coffee nook to a playroom to an indoor garden space. However,…

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Here at Sunspace Texas, we can help add natural light and space to your home through the addition of an all seasons sunroom or a porch enclosure. But what’s the difference? Both use full screens to let in as much natural light as possible. Both sunrooms and porch enclosures provide the gorgeous views of the…

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If you don’t have enough time or decorations to deck all the halls in your home, your sunroom is a perfect place to start. It’s already the best place in the house to sit with a cup of cocoa and watch the snow fall, and it’s versatile enough for a creative theme or a low…

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Your enclosed porch can be a tranquil space to soak in the light and beauty from outside while staying warm and dry inside as the weather starts to drop. Because it’s a barrier between the outdoors and the rest of the house, it can also help your family get out of the habit of tracking…

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