Whether it’s a three-season sunroom designed to extend your enjoyment of the outdoors without the usual annoyances of wind, rain, insects and harmful UV rays or an all-season sunroom with double-glazed windows and thick foam walls and roof, your Sunspace Sunroom will provide you and your family with an area to relax in and enjoy for many years to come.

Lifetime Warranty

  • Laminations and Finishes

All expanded polystyrene panel products are warranted to be free of blistering, chipping, cracking, peeling or delamination under normal residential use and service for as long as you own your sunroom.

  • Insulating Glass Units – 15 Year Warranty

Sunspace warrants its insulated glass units for fifteen (15) years from the date of installation, under normal residential use and service, against seal failure resulting in permanent fogging in the space between the glass.

  • Window & Door Glass Breakage – Lifetime Warranty

Sunspace warrants its tempered glass units in windows and doors against breakage in residential use for as long as you own your sunroom.

  • Vinyl Extruded Components – Lifetime Warranty

Sunspace warrants its vinyl extruded components, under normal residential use and service, to be free from peeling, flaking, blistering and corroding for as long as you own your sunroom. The vinyl extruded components are not warranted against discoloration caused by air pollution, exposure to harmful chemicals or normal weathering (fading) resulting from exposure to the elements.

  • Hardware and Screen Units – Lifetime Warranty

Sunspace warrants the materials used for moving parts (door rollers, latches, etc.), and other hardware items and screen units under normal residential use and service for as long as you own your sunroom.

  • Vinyl Glazed Windows – 10 Year Warranty

Sunspace warrants the vinyl glazed windows for ten (10) years from date of installation, under normal residential use and service, against fading and cracking provided the cleaning instructions are followed.

  • Taking Care of Your Vinyl Windows

Please remember vinyl is not glass. Extreme care must be taken when cleaning your vinyl windows. Do not use any harsh cleaners or detergents. It is imperative that formulas containing bleach are NOT used. For best results, your windows need to be cool before washing. Make sure all dust and loose sand or grit has been removed from all areas of the frame. We recommend that you use our vinyl cleaner which has been specially formulated for your windows. You may purchase this cleaner from your Sunspace Dealer.

Coverage of Warranty

Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of any component part found to be defective within the applicable periods described above. Should repair or replacement of the defective component parts be prohibitively costly, the manufacturer may instead provide a refund of the purchase price of the product. This warranty does not apply to any product damaged or determined to be defective as a result of improper handling, operation or maintenance.

Limitations of Warranty

Sunspace is not responsible for indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages or losses the consumer may suffer or incur in connection with this product or its use.

Claims Procedure

If a warranty claim should become necessary, send the defective part (if practical to do so) or request an inspection by the installation contractor. If found to be defective, a new replacement part will be supplied to you at no charge (freight collect).