5 Plants That Will Thrive In Your Sunroom

An all-season sunroom is the perfect way to enjoy natural sunlight and extended outdoor views in your own home, add value to your home, and increase your personal sense of aesthetic or design. There are a wide range of concepts you can incorporate into your sunroom, but many homeowners love to use their sunroom as something of an indoor garden. Because it lets in so much lighting and already has a natural backdrop, it’s the perfect place to plant your favorite flowers and herbs. Just about any house plants can grow in your sunroom, as well as hanging plants, and some tropical plants.


These beautiful, open flowers have a tropical nature to them that could give your sunroom the flair it needs and deserves. They’re often red or yellow, with five petals that open wide and one long stigma. These are perfect especially for a sunroom in Texas, as they do best in warmer climates, but need a little shade and protection from the sun on overly hot days. Hibiscuses are typically grown in a container.


Classy and elegant, these flowers have a reputation for being a bit high maintenance. This can ward off some homeowners, but the truth is they’re not as difficult to care for as expected — especially in your sunroom. They need plenty of sunlight and a fair amount of humidity, so you’ll want to water them regularly. Other than that, a sunroom might just be the best place for your favorite orchids.

Passion Flower

Passion flowers essentially need to be grown indoors. When planted in outdoor gardens, the changing temperatures — especially during the winter, tend to kill these flowers. In your sunroom, you can regulate the temperature, which means your passion flowers can continue to thrive. They have a sweet scent that will add to the atmosphere of your sunroom in more ways than simply the aesthetic. They need to be watered once or twice a week.


This is an all-season sunroom, so why limit yourself to spring and summer flowers? Begonias are many-blossomed flowers that are remarkably low maintenance and often used as hanging plants. In fact, begonias tend to do best in the fall, but again, your sunroom can extend the lifespan of your plants. They need a combination of sun and shade, so these are good plants to place in the corner somewhere or to move around.

Cherry Tomatoes

Not every plant in your sunroom has to be just for show, although these bright red fruits look delicious. Cherry tomatoes thrive in sunlight, so they’ll love your sunroom. And you, your family and friends will love the opportunity to pick them from your own plant for free whenever you need to incorporate them into a recipe.


These are just a few favorites that can grow in your sunroom, but with the versatility of a good, all-season sunroom, it’s really just the beginning. Feel free to plant the houseplants and tropical flowers of your dreams, and don’t hesitate to pick up that cute hanging plant next time you see it on sale. Contact Sunspace Texas today for more information or to get your own all-season sunroom.