Caring For Your All Season Sunroom

An all season sunroom is a terrific addition to your home that, unlike most sunrooms, you can enjoy year round. These rooms are designed with insulation in mind so you can enjoy the outdoor views without having to put up with the outdoor weather. But because all season sunrooms are designed differently than standard sunrooms, the maintenance itself may be different. Want to ensure you can enjoy your all season sunroom not ust this year but for years to come? Here are some of our tips:

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Our four-season sunrooms include double glazed windows with low-E argon gas in between each pane of glass to help insulate the room by slowing heat loss from one side of the window to the next. These windows are glass and will need cleaning, but when cleaning, make sure to avoid harsh chemicals. These chemicals might streak or damage the glass, as well as hurt your indoor air quality. Instead, wash windows with water and mild detergent, as well as a soft cloth.

Check Any Caulk or Sealant

All season sunrooms stay comfortable year round because they’re designed to prevent heat loss and air leakage. They do this through their double-glazed windows and Therma-Deck flooring, but they may also use sealants such as caulk or weatherstripping to further fortify the sunroom. As the winter months begin to come in, make sure to check any sealants to ensure that they’re still in shape and to repair them when they aren’t.

Keep Your Roof Gutters Clean

In order to keep your all season sunrooms in shape, you need to be sure that your roof gutters are working properly. Roof gutters help to funnel rain away from your home, protecting it from any water damage. If they are clogged or bent out of shape, water might pool on the roof of your sunroom or run down the walls, potentially damaging the weather resistant elements that make the sunroom truly all season. Protect your entire sunroom by keeping the elements of your home around it well maintained, such as your roof gutters.

Keep the Patio Door Track Clean

Some all season thermal rooms come with a sliding glass patio door so you can easily move from inside to outside. During the fall, the track of that patio door can begin to fill up with dirt, debris, and leaves, all of which can cause issues for the function of your patio door. You may not be able to close it properly and it may cause unnecessary heat loss. You can prevent this by putting in the work to keep the track swept and clear of debris throughout the year.


With the right all season thermal room, such as the Model 400 Insulated Sunroom from Sunspace Texas, your sunroom maintenance will be relatively low throughout the year, so you can enjoy your insulated space. Contact us today to learn more about our sunrooms or sign up for a free estimate for one of your own.