Comparing 3 Different Types of Sunspaces

So you know you want an opportunity to let more sunlight into your home, but you’re not sure how you want to go about it. There are plenty of options, from porch enclosures to screen rooms or all-season sunrooms. These are not interchangeable. They all have their own benefits and differences, and it’s good to know which one is most in line with what you want before you make a decision. Here are some of the different types of sunspaces you might come across:

Porch Enclosure

If you don’t want to go through the full installation of a new room addition, then a porch enclosure could be for you. A porch enclosure essentially makes a sunroom out of the space that you already have. We wrap the porch in window screens that can be opened or closed depending on how much fresh air you want to let in during a particular day. This is perfect for enjoying coffee on the porch during a rainy or cold day, or letting sunlight stream in while keeping your porch protected from critters or other outdoor elements.

This is not limited to your porch, however. We can install screen rooms around decks, balconies, gables, or any other tall spaces that you want to enjoy the natural sunlight without the issue of pests.

Traditional Sunroom

A sunroom typically requires a room addition, although in some cases a room bordering the outside of your home can be converted into a sunroom. These rooms are surrounded by windows — typically vinyl windows — and even the doors leading out have full window panes to create an open feeling, as well as let in as much sunlight as possible. Even the roofs are typically at least translucent to let in as much light as possible. These windows are also adjustable for ventilation. Your sunroom can be used in any way you might like: a playroom, an entertainment room, indoor garden, or simply a nook where you can relax and enjoy those outdoor views from inside.

Three or Four-Season Sunrooms

Of course, a major concern for homeowners when it comes to porch enclosures and sunrooms, is temperature control and energy efficiency. In the past, sunrooms or porch enclosures might be stuffy during the summer and cold during the winter. However, many advances have been made and these days you can have a three season sunroom or even all season sunroom installed in your home.

Glazed glass, adjustable windows for easy ventilation, and gas fillings between panes of glass to slow the flow of air all help to keep the room comfortable no matter what it feels like outside. Our all-season sunroom is insulated by low-E argon gas glass windows and a thermal roof system. This helps to keep heat loss to a minimum and your heating and cooling costs down.

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